Top 5 Reasons to Join the Covington Chamber of Commerce

If you’re a busy business owner (and really, is there any other kind?), you might be
hesitant to join your local Chamber because you’re unsure about adding more to your
calendar. As business owners, we wear many different hats and our list of
responsibilities is long. With so many things competing for our time and attention, what
makes joining the Covington Chamber an essential investment?
Here are just a few of the reasons our members are glad they joined:
1. Joining the Chamber makes your business more attractive to consumers in the

community. Whether you manage a large corporation, or a mom n’ pop operation,
Chamber membership gives your business a major edge over non-member businesses.
It substantially increases customers’ perception that you are a trustworthy, reputable
business — and that your business truly cares about its community (which is particularly
valuable if you’re a large company).
A 2012 research study by The Shapiro Group indicated that when consumers know a
business is a member of their local Chamber, they are 44% more likely to think
favorably of that business and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from that
business in the future.
2. Participation in Chamber events offers valuable networking opportunities,
business contacts, and customer referrals. From luncheons, to after-hours get-
togethers, to community service events — membership in the Chamber offers countless
opportunities to connect with people who either need your services or can help spread
the word about what you do.

3. …But the opportunity to build relationships doesn’t stop there. Networking is
just the beginning! Active participation in the Chamber offers regular opportunities to
build lasting friendships with people who will cheer you on in the ups and downs of
running a business. Members often share how motivated and encouraged they feel after
spending time with fellow business owners at Chamber events!
4. Our members grow professionally through the Chamber. As a member, you’ll
have regular access to special speakers, workshops, and other professional
development opportunities — not to mention the practical experience you’ll gain in
confidently sharing your business with new contacts.
5. Joining the Chamber offers several ways to promote your business. From the
very first luncheon you attend as a new member, we are passionate about helping your
business gain visibility — not just with other members, but in the larger community as well.  From advertising and sponsorship packages, to having your business listed on the
Chamber’s website, you will find lots of opportunities to spread the word about what you do!
Simply put: joining the Covington Chamber of Commerce is an investment that will bring
both you and your business significant returns! For more information on how to join, visit

Check out our 2018 Covington Chamber of Commerce Video created by The Fourth Element, LLC here!