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Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority (Puget Sound Fire) provides fire and emergency medical services to the communities of Covington, Kent, SeaTac, and King County Fire District 37.

The 60-square mile response area is protected by 10 fire stations. Each fire station has at least three firefighters on duty at all times. The firefighters work 24-hour shifts, before being relieved by the next crew. Currently, we have approximately 240 firefighters and 60 civilian staff working to keep our community safe.

All of the on-duty firefighters are emergency medical technicians, in addition to their training in firefighting, hazardous materials response, and specialized rescue. In fact, 80% of the emergencies that Puget Sound Fire responds to are medically related – either sick or hurt people.

Each year we see an increase in the number of incidents we respond to. This year, we expect to go on close to 26,000 calls.

With this many calls, we cannot do it alone. Puget Sound Fire, and every fire department in south King County, is dependent on what is known as “automatic” or “mutual” aid. The dispatch center for the south county is Valley Communications, and it ensures that our community members get the quickest response possible when they call 911. The computer dispatch system automatically sends the closest unit to the call – regardless of which fire department it belongs to.

The job of protecting the communities we serve is something we take very seriously. By constantly training, working with other fire departments, and providing fire education and information to the public, we strive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective emergency services that we can.

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Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority

“The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority is all about helping people. It is the only business that judges its success on call volume decreasing.”


“PSRFA is trying to help make the community better.  They want to be a collaborative partner with the community, not independent from them.”

“Chief Morris outlined for us the challenges all Fire Departments face and how the mission of savings lives continues to evolve. Learning about the dedication of his team and sacrifices they make on the behalf of our community is a story worth sharing.”

“PSRFA utilizes an industry leading, innovative, training program with neighbor fire departments to train together in a teamwork setting. Support those who support us!”

“I have a new respect for how hard firefighters work and how much they do in our community. Thank you!”


To learn more about your fire department visit: OR Twitter @pugetsoundfire

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