6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Covington Chamber Membership

If you’re a member of the Covington Chamber of Commerce, or if you’re seriously considering it, you probably already know that joining your community’s Chamber provides countless opportunities to grow your business — from networking, to community service opportunities, to the trust you build with customers just by being a member.

As with anything else in life, however — when it comes to your membership, you get out of your membership what you put into it! And while we always encourage people to explore leadership opportunities and committee involvement, there is a variety of other ways to make your membership work for you that require only a small investment of your time and goodwill.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Sign up for Chamber newsletters and download our Covington Community App.

We are so proud of this resource for members and the greater Covington community — it’s a convenient way to stay in the know. Access our member directory, find coupons, get reminders for Chamber events, register and pay for events, and more — all from your smartphone.

2. Choose Chamber businesses first.

Whether you need a specific service for your home or business, or you’re simply shopping for the upcoming holidays — give fellow Chamber members preference by taking your business there first and referring them to friends and family first. Call it karma, goodwill, what-have-you — enthusiastically supporting other businesses will come back to you in countless ways!

3. Support Covington Chamber members on social media and online.

Connect with other members on social media and watch for opportunities to share them with your own personal and business contacts. If you’ve had a great experience with a member business, take a few minutes to write a review. It’s a huge boost to others and they’ll want to return the favor!

4. Share member news with your other relevant groups.

Are you a part of a local networking group? LinkedIn? Boost your fellow members’ signal! Watch for opportunities to share upcoming events, member news, etc. whenever you can!

5. Share or trade your skills.

What are you good at? What do you need a hand with? At the Chamber, there are ample opportunities to meet others’ needs while also checking something important off your own business’ to-do list. Be creative and don’t be shy!

6. Show up. Be welcoming.

If you’ve joined the Chamber, but haven’t attended our luncheons or after-hours events in a while, you’re missing out! Whether you learn something from our featured speaker at a luncheon, or you gain a valuable insight through casual conversation over pizza at The Rock, one of the best ways to take your membership to the next level is to make it to as many Chamber events as your schedule will allow.  (For Events Click HERE)

(Bonus note — If you’re already comfortable at Chamber events, be that wonderful person who is always the first to welcome new faces to the group. New members won’t forget your kindness and it’s a great way to forge valuable new relationships!)


By Stacey Lawlis, Lawlis Creative

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