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Looking for Networking Opportunities? Try Next Door!

When it comes to reaching potential customers and bringing in new traffic, do you feel stumped? Maybe it’s been a while since your contact list has seen real growth. You know you need to try something new, but what?

1. Think outside the box.

2. Try something fun.

3. Don’t go it alone!

Partnering with your neighbor is a valuable, and often-overlooked, opportunity for networking. Your businesses don’t even need to be directly related — in fact, coming from different industries can be a major boost as you reach potential customers you’d never have connected with otherwise.

Whether it’s a joint open house, a charity fundraiser, or a progressive after hours party (like the one Red Canoe Credit Union, Covington Copy-It Mail-It, and Pinnacle Medical Wellness are throwing on November 15) — all that’s needed is good food, a little creativity, and a commitment from each business to get the word out!

Step out your front door. Look next door and down the street. Which nearby businesses could you partner with to have some fun and reach more Covington consumers?

Written 9/2018 by: Lawlis Creative