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Top 5 Reasons to Join the Covington Chamber of Commerce

Supportive Community Leaders

Get Involved & Grow

Foster Important Relationships

Gain Exposure

We’ve Been Building A Strong Community – Join Us!

At the Covington Chamber of Commerce, we are different than any other Chamber you’ve belonged to in the past, and not just because we have FUN and PRIZES at all our meetings and events. We strive to foster a “we, not me” culture where we work together for the greater good of the Covington community. Here are five top reasons to join us or to renew your membership.

  1. You will gain a network of supportive community leaders, business owners and professional experts that will help elevate your brand and put you in front of potential customers or clients.
  2. You will be “in the know” on upcoming community events, news and resources that can help you grow your business, and you’ll have an opportunity to contribute your expertise.
  3. You are investing in the future of Covington’s diverse and expanding community. Ask about our new Good Work Fund!
  4. You will increase your visibility by developing and fostering important business relationships and through outreach opportunities like the Chamber directory, social media, advertising, etc.
  5. No more boring meetings! We have such a fun group that you’ll look forward to every Chamber event. You’ll also make new friends, and get satisfaction from giving back to the community that helps support your business.

From local businesses to school programs and civic outreach, there is no limit to what we can achieve together!

What are you waiting for? Join us – or renew your membership – today!


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