10 Ways to Give Back to Your CommunityCovington is a thriving, growing community with incredible businesses, citizens, and strong leaders. The reason Covington is able to continue “growing towards greatness” is because of the people and businesses who invest in it and help create a community that is focused on supporting one another. What better way to help Covington continue to be great than to give back to the community that has given so much. Below are 10 creative ways to give back:

1. Organize a food or supplies drive

Nonprofits are a vital part of the community and are always in need of supplies. Organizing a food drive can be a way to unite your community around one cause and meet the needs of those the nonprofit serves. Contact your local food bank or nonprofit to see what their greatest needs are. 

2. Give blood

Giving blood is an invaluable way to give back. Schedule a time through your local blood bank.

3. Community clean up

What better way to keep Covington great than by keeping it clean! Schedule a time or rally a group to help clean Covington’s parks.

4. Support local business/shop local

Shopping local unites our community. You are personally investing in our community and supporting our local economy, whether you are paying for healthcare, automotive or financial services or buying groceries, taking a fitness class or shopping for household essentials.

5. Sponsor a youth sports team

If you are a business owner looking to get your name out there, and have the funding to do so, what better way than to support local sports! Sponsoring a team is a great way to invest in local athletic programs, ensuring the teams get the equipment they need, and helps keep costs low for parents. Sponsor a team by going to https://www.covingtonwa.gov/sponsorship/

6. Volunteer day

Many businesses partner with a local nonprofit or allow employees to take a paid day off to volunteer. This could be once a year, quarterly, or even monthly, but it’s a good way to get involved in your community. For volunteer opportunities, visit our workforce development page

7. Participate in a local fundraiser walk or race

Covington has quite a few different fundraisers, including the Feet First Walks and the Purple Lights Night 5k. It’s a great way to support a local cause, while also getting outside and being active. 

8. Attend community meetings

Covington City Council meets biweekly, currently via Zoom. If you have a current issue in Covington, or want to suggest an idea, joining a council meeting is where to start! For more information, or to contact your council, visit the City’s website.  

9. Become a mentor

Mentoring is a hands-on way to give back to your community. Whether it be tutoring a student or becoming a business mentor, it’s an opportunity for you to share your wisdom. Are you a business owner interested in workforce development through paid or unpaid internship opportunities? Contact us to be a part of our workforce development page. 

10. Vote

Voting is an important part in creating an impact on this community, by deciding whom our local, county, and state government officials are. The Covington Chamber works to keep you informed and up to date on government affairs, and being informed is an important part of voting. 

~ Cass Laney, The Storehouse and Covington Chamber Board Chair