Our first official litter clean-up event is in the books!

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, the Clean, Safe, Welcome City Committee hosted its first litter clean-up event. The first event was focused on 164th Avenue, the street the Covington Chamber of Commerce recently adopted! Despite the threat of dreary conditions, volunteers made time to get out and pick up trash and abandoned signs to make the area more walkable, more pleasant and safer for area residents, particularly kids walking to and from Kentwood High School and Mattson Middle School. The results? This group had fun and enjoyed getting to know each other while helping make Covington a little cleaner and more welcoming.

– 7 volunteers
– 2 hours
– 2 miles
– 13 bags of trash
– 5 signs
– Not a single rain drop

We’d like to thank our fearless leaders Justin VanLandschoot, chair of the committee, and Krista Bates of the City of Covington, for organizing the event, leading the charge and keeping us safe! We also want to thank everyone who picks up litter on their neighborhood walks, around their homes and businesses, during their shopping trips or anytime they see trash on the ground. If we all do our part, Covington will become a cleaner and more welcoming city to residents, businesses and visitors. Want to join us? Visit our Clean, Safe, Welcome City Committee page and take the pledge today!

Check out these fun photos from the event! Click on one to enlarge it and see the slideshow.