Cybersecurity is Critical for All of Us

Cyber Defense WestAs we have all seen the last couple of years, cybersecurity is a huge concern. From commercial crime to government espionage, it is growing at an alarming rate. This October the Covington Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Cyber Defense West, a local cybersecurity firm and cyber champion partner of the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA), to help you learn how we can improve our defenses both at work and home.

The focus is to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. During the month of October, Ty Moore, Founder & Principal of Cyber Defense West, will work with us to see what it means to be cyber smart.  He will help us identify the major threats and what we can do to raise our defensive capabilities. We will follow-up the weekly October education blog series with an on-line workshop in January 2022 where Ty will present additional information and answer questions on cybersecurity today, share tips & tricks, and explain how to evolve our cybersecurity motion in-house (both commercial and residential).

Stay tuned for more details!

Ty Moore — Cyber Defense West — Founder & Principal

Ty Moore was employed for over 30 years at Microsoft Corporation and launched Cyber Defense West in early 2021. Initially a communications Architect & Engineer, he wrapped up his Microsoft tour as a Senior Leader with responsibilities across North, Central, and South America in CyberSecurity Response, COVID Urgent Response, and Modern Workplace Solutions. Ty is a US Navy veteran with a background in US Naval Intelligence and a specialization of Soviet Nuclear Submarines.  He is a proud resident of Maple Valley and member of the Covington and MVBD Chamber of Commerce.