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We have our Monthly Luncheons the second Thursday of the month from 11:30-1:15pm.

For location and details please visit our calendar.

Luncheon Policies:
(These “luncheon policies” apply to a breakfast or dinner in replace of the monthly luncheon as well)

Luncheon/Breakfast Policies:
In order to support the financial well-being of our chamber every member is expected to comply with
the following:
1. RSVP required at least 5 business days in advance of the Monthly 2ndThursdayluncheon/breakfast.
2. RSVP for attendance-only (no meal) is a $10 luncheon fee unless otherwise noted.
3. No Show Policy: Cancellations for full refund ($25) must be made no later than 48 hours in advance. Failure to cancel within this time frame will result in a charge for the full luncheon price ($25) and will be invoiced accordingly.
4. Arrival with No RSVP will result in either a $10 attendance fee or a $30 luncheon fee with meal;if available.
5. Prepaid annual Luncheon packs are non-transferable.Proprietary Members may transfer their lunch ticket, in accordance with their membership benefits.
6. A Monthly Luncheon Sponsorship includes:an opportunity to present one’s business and marketing materials on the tables and 1 complimentary luncheon meal at the time of the sponsored month.
7. Member/Non – member Marketing materials are allowed during networking times; however, Monthly Luncheon Sponsors are the only ones allowed to display these items on each table.
8. Luncheon Speakers/Presenters receive a complimentary lunch. We welcome speaker assistants/guests to attend; however, if they would like a meal, the standard RSVP and luncheon policies apply.
*Exceptions to the policies listed above are at the sole discretion of the Chamber Management.