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This is why I Chamber…Jeff Wagner, Republic Services

"I Chamber to partner with local businesses and be a community partner. I enjoy the camaraderie and friendship and the opportunity to learn new and engaging topics." -Jeff Wagner, Republic Services- Check out our website here. Visit our Facebook page!...

This is why I Chamber…Dana, Copy It Mail It, LLC

"I Chamber because I've been a member for 10 years and because I've joined I've met so many great people and formed great business relationships!" -Dana, Copy It Mail It, LLC- Check out our website here. Visit our Facebook page!

This is why I Chamber…Kristin Habenicht, Decided Excellence Media

"I Chamber because I needed to introduce my company to the Covington business owners and managers. My business allows Covington businesses to reach a hyper niche community of high net worth homeowners in Covington, Black Diamond, Ravensdale and Maple Valley. After...

This is why we Chamber…The Weatherly Inn at Lake Meridian

"I Chamber because I enjoy the connections I've made. I love using local businesses for our business. Whether it is connecting them with family members; or featuring them at our events at The Weatherly Inn." -Sherry, The Weatherly Inn at Lake Meridian- "I Chamber...

This is why we Chamber…Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel

"We Chamber because it is good for our business and community. Together we can do more than we could do alone. We support one another." -Charmaine, Edline-Yahn & Covington Funeral Chapel- "I Chamber because there is power in numbers. Building relationships are key...

This is why I Chamber…Liesl, Storehouse

"I Chamber because of community relations!" -Liesl, Storehouse- Check our our website here. Visit our Facebook page!

This is why I Chamber…Sandra Davidson, Green River College

"I Chamber because it is a great way for Green River College to network with our community partners." -Sandra Davidson, Green River College- Check out our website here. Visit our Facebook page!

This is why I Chamber…Natalie Routh

"I Chamber because the Chamber is a fun group to network, learn about other businesses and meet new people. A worthwhile investment." -Natalie Routh-

This is why I Chamber…Tamara Paul, The Tamara Paul Group with RE/MAX Northwest

"I Chamber because I love meeting new people and belonging to a community. The Chamber gives me the opportunity to network my business as well as meet new business owners/leaders in the community, who quickly become friends!" -Tamara Paul, The Tamara Paul Group with...

This is why I Chamber…Marti Reeder, Managing Broker, Team Marti with John L. Scott

"I Chamber because my parents owned a small business in Seattle (advertising agency) and their first tip to me when I started my Real Estate business was to join the Chamber. I'm all about supporting small businesses! And in exchange, I get to know so many great...

This is why I Chamber…Myda

"I Chamber because I like getting to know people in the community." -Myda-

This is why I Chamber…Erin Howatt, Cascade Regional Blood Services

"I Chamber because it isn't just about the networking with other businesses. You meet great people, have a great time at meetings and learn something good and interesting every time. The Chamber staff is awesome at helping community and businesses connect." -Erin...

This is why we Chamber…Real Life Church

"We Chamber because we love our community and want to better Covington. We have fun, create community and discuss events. We love being here!!" -Real Life Church- Check out our website here. Visit our Facebook page!

This is why we Chamber…Casey Payton-Bowles, Meridian Valley Country Club

"Meridian Valley Country Club continues to be a member of the Covington Chamber because Covington is a rapidly growing community and it is important to make connections and stay active in the community to increase brand awareness for MVCC as a premier golf course and...

This is why we Chamber…Tom Keown, Covington Water District

"The Covington Water District (CWD) actively participates and supports several local and regional partners/causes, including support of the Covington Chamber of Commerce. The reason CWD appreciates our relationship with the Chamber is that it allows the District to...

This is why we Chamber…Josh Gerstman, Green River College Foundation

"For the Green River College Foundation and me personally, being active in the Covington Chamber of Commerce is important because the community is undergoing tremendous growth and the Chamber is a key resource to knowing what's happening and getting to know key...

This is why we Chamber…Red Canoe Credit Union

"Red Canoe Credit Union is a proud member of the Covington Chamber of Commerce. We understand the value that membership affords. Not only does it ensure we are giving back to the economic vitality of our community, it also provides a variety of quality, credible...

This is why I Chamber…Cathy Wahlin, Windermere

"It's all about making connections and being part of the community!" -Cathy Wahlin, Windermere-